Traditional “No Scar on the Breast Surgery” is still available.  Itbaug involves the use of a short incision underneath the armpit and the use of a smooth, round Natrelle Style 20 gell implant.  Post op pain requires prescription medications.  5-7 days are typically required before returning to work and driving. Today “Rapid Recovery Breast Surgery” is quickly becoming popular.  It involves a short incision in the crease and the use of the new Natrelle style 410 “Gummy Bear” textured, shaped implant.  This design of implant provides instant fullness to the upper half of the breast and more fullness to the lower half of the breast. Shaped implants have been shown to have a lower rate of:

  1. rippling
  2. capsular contracture (firmness)
  3. rupture
  4. less descent with time

Amazing 48-72 hour recovery time with minimal discomfort is common (no one need ever know!).  Motrin is frequently all that is required.  Patients are encouraged to shampoo their hair and begin moving their arms the night following surgery to prevent stiffness and soreness. Beautiful results are readily obtainable with both techniques. natrelle